Widows in India
The women of India still have a subordinate position. This is particularly true for the widows. According to the Indian traditions, a good wife will never become a widow because she should follow her husband in everything, even in death. For that reason, a woman who is still alive after the death of her husband is seen as someone who brings misfortune. She has failed, is good for nothing and is rejected by both her family and the community. She lands up on the streets, sleeps under plastic or in a shack. She survives with next to nothing and literally becomes an untouchable.
Helping them
As Ambassadors Ministries Missions we want to help these widows. We have seen the desperate state in which they live with our own eyes. Widows living in small shacks in the most humiliating circumstances. Through intense compassion and in obedience to the commission in the Bible we want to help them.
At this moment we feed almost one hundred widows and we offer shelter to sixty of them. We do this by monthly supporting Pastor Paul. He is responsible for taking care of them and providing them with food, medicine and other need as well as paying for all other medical costs.
Will you help? 
There are two ways in which you could help:
·        By supporting a widow on a monthly base by sponsoring her for 20 euros per month
·        You can help by giving an amount to finance the construction of the home for these widows.

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