In the past year we have opened the widowshome in Draksharama. For this we are very grateful, but we are not finished yet! Since the beginning of the construction it was reckon with the possibility to build an extra floor on the widows home. We would like to realise this extra floor this coming year with your help, the help of the Wild Geese foundation and the OSA foundation.
By building this floor the widows will get a multifunctional hall. In this hall the women can come together to eat, to work or to sit together for company.  At this moment the widows home consist of bed- and bathrooms only. For lack of room they will eat outside on the floor or with bad weather, they will eat in the bedrooms. The lack of room is also tangible when the women, who would like to do something usefull, are plaiting, embroidering or sewing. They need to sit outside on the curve which is not very practical.
The building plans are finished, the budget is composed, the permits are their, only the money is still needed to start building soon. In total € 33.040,- is needed. As Ambassadors Ministries will need to raise an amount of € 21.357,47 and the Wild Geese foundation will complete the total amount. The Wild Geese foundation loves to do this, because women in India are still have a subordinate position. Also the OSA foundation is willing to help with an amount of € 2500,-.
Together we can make it!
You can support this project by donating to account number 40000 of the Wild Geese Foundation with notification: Ambassadors Ministries project 2010.0509

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