Helping the Poor in India
In the town Hubli, as in many other places in India, many people live on plots of land which they have on a long lease from the government. These people in Hubli have now received a mandate to leave that area. This is a big problem for them. They have no money to buy another plot of land. It is under heart-rending scenes, with brutal violence, that these families, often with young children, are forced to leave their homes. The only thing left is to squat in tents along the roadside. 

They can’t survive on their own
Pastor John has taken the fate of these people in Hubli to heart. We have seen how he is devoted to their cause. They need our help. We can’t just go and preach the gospel to them without also taking care of their needs.

From Hut to Home
In the past two years Ambassadors Ministries Missions has bought 5 acres of land in a new regional development area in Hubli, India. The total amount of investment is € 60.000,-. The amount has been paid in full.
We have now come to the next phase; the set up of the infrastructure and the construction of the new houses.

Together with the foundation Lafjoetoe and the Magazine That’s Life we are holding a fundraising for the construction of 110 houses. For only € 2500,- a house can be build. The families will invest themselves as well, all to their own financially capacity. It will become their home, they will be and will stay responsible. The people and their families will be able to find a job in this development area. A job means an income, to build a worthy living. Through this their children will have perspective for the future as well.

We would like to start building the houses as soon as possible.
We can only to this, if you help us!

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