Roger Teale

Roger and Emily Teale are from Scarborough England, where they Pastored a local church for several years during which time they were involved in extensive local and national evangelism.

The outreach work was promoted through open-air meetings and tent crusades. The Church was especially noted for its strong youth work.

Roger received the call to the the Prophetic office in 1968 and from that time has been focused on being led by the Spirit in all that he does.

Known for his direct approach to the challenges of his ministry he speaks boldly the convictions of his heart regardless of the consequences. Noted for his ability to discern any situation quickly he brings the fear of the Lord into the house.

The Word of Wisdom for the mind of the Lord with regard to the future and the Word of Knowledge of things present at the time bring a balanced approach to dealing with issues within the Church the Body of Christ, and the World. Roger and his wife Emily live in the United States where their son and two daughters and their families live also.

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