Frank & Marlou van Essen

Frank has a wide variety of musical activities including composition, arranging, producing, teaching, recording, mixing & mastering. Marlou keeps herself next to singing busy with expression. For most people Frank en Marlou are well known. Frank used to play nine years with the Ronduit Praiseband as drummer, violin player and singer, he performed at the Flevo Festival, at Opwekking and was the drummer of the leadingband of Ralph van Maanen. Frank played in the English band Iona and in the Classic Gospel Festival which every year was organized just before christmas. Marlou was a guest in the TV progamm 'The change' with her impressive testimony. Frank and Marlou worked together with the English singer Adrian Snell. Their hearts are in worshipping God through music, singing and dance. They are active as worshipleaders national and international.

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