Bob & Sue Brasset

Bob Brasset is an avuncular (cool word for uncle - like) healing revivalist with a humble spirit and bold "extra mile" love for Jesus and us. He has been at this ministry stuff for almost 30 years. A member of Partners in Harvest Churches, he currently oversees Extreme Healing Ministries, an international coalition of ministries that brings healing, evangelistic and equipping teams to the nations.

Bob and his wife, Sue, have four children and four grandchildren. Bob and Sue live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where they are part of the leadership team of Lion of Judah Church.

Bob Brasset is a passionate God-chaser who leads Extreme Healing Ministries. He has over 20 years of experience as a pastor/ minister, conference speaker and revivalist . Bob is an author, (Anointed Believing, Sovereign World Publishers), and has produced informative resources through tapes and videos. He travels worldwide, ministering in Healing-Miracle Crusades and Training-Equipping conferences. People find him to be genuine, generous, honest, real, cutting edge and sometimes even a bit controversial.

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