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The dark secret of G.A.O.T.U. (nog 2 exemplaren)
Ana Méndez Ferrell
€ 14,00

Freemasonry is the world's most ancient, secret organization. Its occult influence has infiltrated into almost every area of modern society. This book is written for those who diligently seek The Truth and desire to have an understanindg of the Spiritual and physical implications of Freemasonry on their, or their loved-one's lives.


Immersed in Him (laatste exemplaar)
L.Emerson Ferrell
€ 15,00

Regions of Captivity (laatste exemplaar)
Ana Méndez Ferrell

€ 13,50

“Deliverance by traditional methods requires time, dedication and strength both physical and spiritual. This is one reason for such few ministries and limited long lasting results. Jesus taught a simpler and much more profound way, which is what is offered in this book.”

This book is also available in Dutch: "Bevrijding uit gebieden van gevangenschap"


Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood (nog 2 exemplaren)
Ana Méndez Ferrell
€ 13,50

This book is filled with living and fresh revelation of the inheritance of Jesus through communion. The Lord revealed His profound work powerfully to Ana. What we do as a ritual today is without life, the Lord clearly intended this act to release the most powerful and victorious manifestations in the lives of every believer. This book will unlock the key to your moving in power and knowledge like never before. 

This book is also available in Dutch: "Eet Mijn Vlees, Drink Mijn Bloed"

High Level Warfare
Ana Méndez Ferrell

This spiritual masterpiece causes darkness to flee in your life as well as your cities. It reveals God's wisdom through the amazing personal experiences of combat. It identifies the mistakes of previous battles and exposes the snares of satan. This book will educate and prepare the courageous warriors who want to penetrate into the deeper levels of obedience, holiness and adoration. 

This book is also available in Dutch: "Oorlogsvoering op hoog niveau"


Ana Méndez Ferrell

This subject has been overlooked as the root cause for so many Christians suffering with diseases, tragedies and sin in their lives. The author takes you into an in-depth look at the reasons for the tragedies in your life and the curses associated with each one. Finally, a book that reveals how to live the victorious Christian life, free from the generational curses that have persisted after our initial salvation experience. A must read for every Christian. 

This book is also available in Dutch: "Ongerechtigheid"

Becoming The Master's Key (laatste exemplaar)
Emerson Ferrell

€ 13,50

In this book you will find the keys of God's Kingdom, so
powerful, that in your life of prayer, fasting and giving to
God, you will be taken to levels you have never experienced
before. With these keys you will be able to overcome one of
the most powerful enemies of your spiritual life, "the spirit of
Mammon ". A subtle and skillful thief, who has stolen more
than you can imagine and if you do not learn to detect it and
to stop it, it will rob you of the glorious destiny that God has 
                                     for you. 

This book is also available in Dutch: "De Sleutel van de Meester"


Seated in Heavenly Places (nog 2 exemplaren)
Ana Méndez Ferrell

€ 14,95

You will learn the difference between saying " I am seated with Jesus on His Throne " and to know without a doubt, that He has taken you by the hand and has seated you there. This book is for those who want to see and know God face to face. 

This book is also available in Dutch: "Gezeten in de Hemelse gewesten"


Shaking the Heavens (nog 3 exemplaren)
Ana Méndez Ferrell
€ 16,95

Ana Méndez Ferrell exposes the enemy's plans and shows how God is awakening and calling His people to battle. He is arming us with a new understanding of our times, bringing a new anointing upon His Church and equipping us with the tools we need to achieve victory.

This book is also available in Dutch: "Schudden van de Hemelen"

Supernatural Believing - The Mind of Christ (nog 3 exemplaren)
Emerson Ferrell

€ 13,50

The only thing that separates us from the unlimited power to change the world is the mind of Christ. A altered reality or “supernatural believing” is the by product of a mind and a soul transformed by the Holy Spirit. Never again will doubt and lack of faith steal your prayers and the inspirations from God's. You have been created to show the power of Christ and His Kingdom. The miracle you are waiting on, has been waiting for you.

This book is also available in Dutch: "Bovennatuurlijk geloven"

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This book describes in very simple but profound ways God's principals for change. It will provoce a transformation in your life.

Imagine yourself completely free from fear, disease and death. Now ask yourself, would your life be any different today if that imagination was the truth? What if this book ripped away the veil of darkness hiding that reality from you? This book will not only tear away the cloak, but also shatter the lies many believed for centuries. It will do so in breath taking visions describing the power "in Christ." Immersed in Him will astound and challenge the way you think and respond to perceptions, which are totally unreal.

This book is also available in Dutch: "Ondergedompeld in Hem"

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