Rony Chaves

Rony Chaves from Costa Rica is a well known international expert in spiritual warfare. He has written multiple book about this subject and participated in several prophetic prayer actions.  Rony is pastor of a church in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. A church with a mighty ministry in worship, the prophetic and apostolic intercession for the world. Emerson & Ana Méndez Ferrell are under the apostilic covering of Rony. Rony and his wife Lia have 4 childeren.

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New book of Emerson Ferrell
Supernatural Believing
The Mind of Christ
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The only thing that separates us from the unlimited power to change the world is the mind of Christ. An altered reality or “supernatural believing” is the by product of a mind and a soul transformed by the Holy Spirit. Never again will doubt and lack of faith steal your prayers and the inspirations from God. You have been created to show the power of Christ and His Kingdom.
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